Frameworks Galore!

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As an intern, I spent a lot of time on a validation issue in an AI application heavily dependent on the framework I was using. I thought either some folks missed a bug or…I had put pieces together and built Frankenstein’s monster…again.

Point is, I needed to fix it so I could tell my supervisor:

Threat averted😊. Hire me?

I realized, many months later, that all I really needed to solve that issue was a while loop 🤦🏾‍♀️. I was mortified.

How dependent on frameworks had I become that I couldn’t figure that out sooner? Perhaps, the validation magic of the framework was dependent on similar loops as well.

I love frameworks. I think they save developers a lot of time and effort during software development. I imagine without them the software development lifecycle might be a little longer. That would definitely impact product delivery & customer satisfaction.

Still, thinking about it now. It seems like Software Engineering might be evolving to involve more reported framework issues than actual engineering. Don’t you think? Much like someone becoming more dependent on crutches, and forgetting that the leg muscles still need to be trained for walking.

Makes one appreciate Open Source platforms like Github. Developers get to stretch those leg muscles by collaborating on those reported issues.




Software Engineer | Software Development Enthusiast

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B. Chepkorir

B. Chepkorir

Software Engineer | Software Development Enthusiast

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